Statistician of the Year 2021

Jong-Hyeon Jeong
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Jeong is professor and interim chair of biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh. He has made significant contributions to biostatistical education, research, and leadership in the statistics community in Pittsburgh and at large. He graduated 6 MS and 11 PhDs and is currently working with two PhD students. He also played a critical role in the growth, development, and modernization of the graduate programs at Pitt Biostatistics. His efforts have led to two new concentrations in MS program, Health Data Science, and Statistical and Computational genomics. Dr. Jeong maintains outstanding research programs in time-to-event data analysis, clinical trials, and statistical learning for precision medicine. He single-authored or co-authored three books and currently serves on the editorial board for Lifetime Data Analysis. Dr. Jeong is also active in our profession. He has served on the ASA career development committee, board of director for Korean International Statistical society, and as interim chair has supported ENAR’s coalition for junior researchers and various activities of the ASA Pittsburgh chapter.  

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