Statistician of the Year 2020

Yu Cheng
Department of Statistics,
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Yu Cheng of University of Pittsburgh is the 2020 ASA Pittsburgh Chapter Statistician of the Year. Dr. Cheng received her MS in Statistics from National University of Singapore in 2001, and her PhD in Statistics from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006. She is currently a full professor at the Department of Statistics.

Dr. Cheng’s methodological research focuses on dynamic treatment strategies, disease classification, risk evaluation and screening, quantile association, and regression and association analyses of competing risks data. Meanwhile Dr. Cheng has been actively involved in diverse areas of psychiatric research including Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and perinatal weight and impulsive phenotypes.

Dr. Cheng served the statistics community extensively with variety of roles ranging from a member of the editorial board for prominent statistics journals, an ad-hoc reviewer for the NSF, NSA, and the NIMH, Co-Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for the Conference on Lifetime Data Science (LiDS) held in Pittsburgh, May 2019, and President of the ASA Pittsburgh Chapter 2014-2015. Dr. Cheng’s pursuit of excellence and fairness and her dedication to the statistical community in Pittsburgh exemplify the core values of our statistical society.

Students of the Year 2020

Kayla Frisoli
Department of Statistics & Data Science,
Carnegie Mellon University

Wei Peng
Department of Statistics,
University of Pittsburgh

Peng Liu
Department of Biostatistics,
University of Pittsburgh